Cole Porter’s ‘Dream Dancing’, one of his (my) favourite songs with a wonderful new approach from Victoria vocalist, Miranda Sage, from her new album, called ‘Both Sides Now’, and yes she does a version of Joni Mitchell’s standard with an outstanding band of Don Thompson, Pat Coleman, Ken Lister, Hans Verhoeven and Roy Styffe.” – Jim Wilke, Jazz After Hours and KPLU Jazz Northwest

The singing and musicianship are outstanding. Kudos to all concerned.” – Bob Collins, WRHU, Jazz Café

Il CD “Both Sides Now” di Miranda Sage è un progetto che esprime al meglio la grande professionalità di questa artista, che ci ha abituato a performances di valore, sia sul piano tecnico che su quello espressivo. Miranda è una cantante capace di vivere le sue canzoni con partecipazione emotiva e passione, mettendo in evidenza una particolare sensibilità.”
Bruno Pollacci
“Animajazz” - Pisa – Italy”

“Miranda Sage’s latest album called “Both Sides Now” is in my estimation, her very best so far. All the songs are from The Great American Songbook and are given the respect they deserve. Some are maybe less familiar than others but Miranda treats them all with love, meaning and craft. Do not expect histrionics and needless scatting here but a strong lyrical sense, great phrasing, and a lovely tone enveloped by finely crafted arrangements by one of the great Jazz masters, pianist/vibist Don Thompson. The rest of the band measures up to Thompson’s standards but the kudos must ultimately go to Ms. Sage. Listen and enjoy!”
Gavin Walker “The Jazz Show” CITR

“Miranda congratulations on a stunning cd. The title “DAYDREAM”  is very very apt tittle indeed. Throughout listening to your glorious cd l found myself drifting along with you hanging on every note. This is a purist’s cd, one that defies the trend these days of loading an album up with computer interferrence thus rendering the cd a shallow interpretation of Jazz. But here we have a stunning Jazz cd that is based around your absolutely marvelous voice and a band that glides effortlessly with you. Together you have made a cd that is one to listen to and enjoy. Wonderful arrangements and phrasing. Your voice oozes the sex appeal of days gone by and that is why one can only fall in love with you Miranda. Daydream l have as l have traveled through each and every track .  A journey l think l need to take again so if you will excuse me for cutting this allocation short, l am in need of some more “Daydreaming”. This will be a wonderful addition to one of our Jazz shows which are the leading Jazz shows in this city.”
Peter Merrett, PBS 106-7 FM, Melbourne, Australia

“I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I loved your latest CD Daydream.  What a voice you have.  Where have you been all my life?  I found you on RDX and what a find you are.  Do you ever appear in the United States?  Let me tell you, If you are ever here in Savannah GA, I will be sitting front row center to see and hear you.  This is one of the best CD’s I’ve received via RDX.”
Barry Rosen,  90.3 WHCJ-FM, Savannah, GA

“Sage’s horn-like phrasing is a delight on up-beat Jobim-penned sambas and her own tricky originals.”
Joseph Blake Times Colonist

“Miranda Sage sings with warmth and skill and does some accomplished scat singing on Fly Me To The Moon. She shines on ballads; on Billy Strayhorn’s A Flower is a Love some Thing, her resonant voice embraces the lines, and Campbell Ryga’s alto sax solo raises the temperature. Sage shows good range on Hugh Fraser’s original That’s Fall, on which Fraser provides the trombone solo.”
Marke Andrew The Province

“Sage unleashed a voice of thrilling flexibility and range making jazz singing sound like the easiest thing in the world.”
Drew Snyder Monday Magazine

“A savvy mix of tunes, tempos, and ensembles sung with clear and effortless delivery by Miranda Sage.”
Neil Ritchie CBC Radio

Timeless Places was ranked 5th in it’s Top 10 Jazz Albums for January 2007 by BFBX 92.5 FM Kamloops Specialty Charts.

Jim Wilke, host of KPLU’s, Jazz After Hours and Jazz North West chose Moon Tiger as one of his favourites picks from the Northwest for 2003.

Nice groovy trax. Love her warm feminine vocals, so full and round in their sensual delivery. Love the invitation/seduction of Twilight World, Nature Boy and Sugar”.
Mitchell Mendys, WKNH, U.S.A.

Miranda has a wonderful voice – rich and full and she carries off these jazz classics and her one original with style.”
Mark Robinson, George FM, New Zealand

Miranda’s style has a sultry, silky style with wonderful light and shade, quite stunning to say the least about it and just so very very cool. Add to this such a wonderful band, it is obvious why we love her work.
Peter Merritt, PBS FM, Melbourne, Australia

This album is unusually beautiful.”
Helen Jarroe, FM89.1, Cairns, Australia

Twilight World best describes Miranda’s mood in this soft and romantic musical project. I really like what she did with Nature Boy. Miranda’s voice matches so closely the feel of the song itself. Rarely has this been done in the past.
Leon Reyes, KVMR Radio 89.5FM, Sacramento

Songs like Marian McPartland and Johnny Mercer’s Twilight World, and Jimmy Rowles and Norma Winstone’s title track (also known as Peacocks) deserve to be jazz standards and Sage, Thompson, and Kilburn offer beautiful readings.
Joseph Blake, CD Review, Times Colonist

The previous Governor General of Canada, Adrienne Clarkson, chose Orchids in the Moonlight from the Moon Tiger CD, as ”one of her favourite songs”, when she was interviewed for CBC radio’s Studio Sparks by Eric Friessen. The show has been aired twice, once in October 2006 and at Thanksgiving 2007.